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Writer, Poet, Scientist, Lover of Stories

Amy Bacon

Hi! My name is Amy and I hate writing bios about myself... /hj

My brain likes to go brr and cook up funny little stories. At some point in my life I went 'hey, why don't I share those so they can hopefully bring other people as much joy as they bring me'... now I am here. And you are here reading this. Congratulations to both of us!

While I do value me some good humourTM, I am also a fan of putting my characters through it. (I'm pretty sure all of them have depressing backstories at this point.) Most of my writing is either fantasy or has some fantasy elements, but I'm always looking to try new things so who knows what I will do next...

I do sciency things too... I'm currently studying Chemistry at the UofA. I do solid-state chemistry/NMR research. (If you don't know what that is, no worries. Most of us are still trying to figure it out too)

I'm a poet also! But less in an 'I actually methodically plan and construct poetry' kind of way and more in a '*feels emotion and slaps it down on paper*' kind of way 

... and if you happen to be reading this, have a wonderful day :)


My goal in life is to have this section be a lot more full than it is...

July 30th, 2024, 7- 8:30pm: Presenting in 'Sounds from the Valley' at Snow Valley Ski Club, 13204 Rainbow Valley Road


Whose Drawing is this?

The sketch on this page was drawn by my good friend, Monaco, for the express purpose of gracing the front cover of this website (thanks, Monaco!)

If you're interested in Monaco's art and want a comission, fill out the 'Contact Me' form and I'll put you in touch.
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